Saturday, May 31, 2008

Love You, Forever

Anytime I see toilet paper where it doesn't belong I cannot help but think of this children's book.
My children don't tend to do anything too crazy, but on occasion.......

I went to find ZQ after he called me to tell me he made a mess in his pants. I started to go downstairs, since that's where all the kids were playing. I was very impressed by the 45 minute stretch of NO FIGHTING!!! I realized as I turned the corner that MAYBE he wasn't down there. I turned to see the bathroom rug in front of the washing machine--how nice; I guess he was trying to help.

As I walked into the bathroom I realized that my toilet looked a bit odd. ZQ was on his way to unrolling the FIFTH roll of toilet paper--trying to clean himself up!! GREAT!! I am wondering if he didn't find it FUN--to unroll toilet paper. He had managed to stuff four rolls of toilet paper into my toilet.

NO discipline--just pictures. I think maybe he learned his lesson, since he did KNOW I wasn't happy. BUT all I could do was think of the little baby on the front of the book--and realize that this was JUST not that big of a deal.

I am sure I took more time taking pictures than I did cleaning up; it was very easy to clean up......

WOW! FOUR ROLLS!!! I have never seen a toilet so full.