Friday, February 27, 2009

My Husband Rocks~Friday

I love family pictures, and I was thrilled that Josh is the one who suggested that we get ours taken. He was even complimentary of me and my EXPANDING figure. We paid extra for the picture of the two of us. For Christmas, Josh got me a frame for our bedroom; he wanted me to put a picture of US in it.
I am proud to be his wife, and he rocks for making US a priority. He wants there to be an US, not just our family. We are a cute family, but I think WE are cute by ourselves.
You rock, Babe!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Times Three

I like it when I find an office that is willing to see more than one child at a time. The kid's pediatrician in CA would not see them all in the same day. It made for..........well, not going!! I got a call from the kid's dental office here, reminding me of Abishai's dentist appointment. The funny thing, is that I had not made an appointment for him. I don't know WHERE they got that I had. BUT it worked out great, because they fit in the other two kids for the same times. It was actually a great experience for all three of them. They got pictures of their teeth. Jael did have a cavity, but it was fixed the following Friday. Both Abishai and Ezekiel were cute enough that the hygienists wanted to take them home. The office was really relaxed, since it was only for children. AND the dental room was just one big giant room that made it very easy to be with all the kids at the same time. Monday we have eye appointments!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Onion Friend

I made this the other day, and I STILL haven't used it. I like him, and my kids like him. I wonder how long he will stick around? Enjoy my onion, too! Hope he makes you smile.

My Husband Rocks~Friday

The last few weeks have been very busy, and yes, I did get reminded that I didn't post anything last Friday. Valentinte's Day turned into a weekend of activities. We had desserts and dancing at our church, which turned out to be lots of fun. We had a dance insturctor teaching us a whole bunch of different classical dances. Josh was the perfect dance partner; I couldn't have asked for a more strong capable hand to guide me around. (even blind-folded)
We also went to a yummy restaurant that added a lot of FIRE to the weekend; it was some HOT and SPICY food. It was a great restuarant that only ended up costing us $18.00. We had a gift certificate and then got our appetizer free, since this great restaurant made us wait over an hour to be seated. We planned a movie date, too, which didn't turn out exactly right. We watched Pink Panther 2, not exactly romantic....well, maybe it was!
The greatest thing about the whole weekend was that with some of the things not working out exactly as planned, Josh never got upset. He took it all in stride; we have had a lot of things to do lately. We have a parenting class on Wednesdays, and Josh has been READING the book. I have had doctor's appointments, and he hasn't missed them.
I appreciate how busy he has been, and yet he is still finding the time to do everything else. He knows how to keep his cool and get it all done.
Love you, Babe! You Rock!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Want A Honda!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gasp or Yawn?

Previously, I mentioned being lukewarm; I think it would be fair to imply that a yawn would be considered a half-hearted response to God's Word and His Laws.

Both a yawn and a gasp are contagious. A gasp brings an excitement that makes people very curious as to what brought the reaction. A yawn is also contagious; did you yawn when you saw the picture?

The choice is ours. The proper grasp of God's Word and WHO HE IS will bring the appropriate grasp. But what brought on this friendship-with-the-world and enemy of God mindset, that causes a wrong response?

Personally, I believe its starting point is when we lose the fear of the LORD, and we lose our ability to gasp at what God gasps at, which causes us to think and behave like “fools.” Do we yawn when God gasps?

The fear of the LORD causes us to gasp at sin and stay at war with sin and the world, while yawning at sin causes us to think and act as fools. A fool thinks he can live at peace with sin and make friends with the world.


A grasp of the infinite greatness, majestic holiness, unmerited favor, and sure judgment of God, so firm and real and strong as to demand a response of true humility, awe, reverence, worship, trembling, repentance, trust, hatred of evil and love of obedience.

Unthankfulness in you or your children…yawn or gasp?

Lust for another women’s body…yawn or gasp?

Overeating consistently…yawn or gasp?

The truth that our biblical needs are food and clothing…yawn or gasp?

The truth that there are a 100 billion galaxies just like ours in the universe, each one containing 100 billion stars and God named them all…yawn or gasp?

The truth that God is perfect in holiness and there is no darkness in Him at all…not one tiny bit…yawn or gasp?

The fact that the Righteous, all-knowing, all-seeing Judge is standing right at the door…yawn of gasp?

When we hear of a believing woman who blames her discouragement on the pastor’s teachings instead of examining her own life and asking her husband to shepherd her…yawn or gasp?

When we hear of leaders in a Christian church who allow a blameless man’s reputation to be dragged through the mud…yawn or gasp?

Or what about church leaders who label as “faithful” holding tightly to a church name, church building, and church programs and call it faithfulness to Christ…yawn or gasp?

Oh, how desperately we need to look at these things and ask ourselves if we are in unity with God about what He yawns and gasps at. Do you have the fear of the LORD? What attitudes and action cause you to gasp? Which cause you to yawn?


The definition of lukewarm according the the Merriam Webster dictionary is 1 : moderately warm : tepid 2 : lacking conviction : halfhearted.

Revelation 3:16 (The Message) I know you inside and out, and find little to my liking. You're not cold, you're not hot—far better to be either cold or hot! You're stale. You're stagnant. You make me want to vomit. You brag, 'I'm rich, I've got it made, I need nothing from anyone,' oblivious that in fact you're a pitiful, blind beggar, threadbare and homeless.

Wow! I sometimes get to pondering what the significance of things commanded to us through Scripture.........surprise, surprise! Aren't we supposed to do that all the time?

Anyway, I was thinking about this "lukewarm" thought. Am I? What does it REALLY mean to have a lukewarm life?

Here are a few questions that might get you thinking about if you are in danger of being lukewarm:

Do cares and worries of this life dominate most of your thoughts and conversations?
Do you practice sin on a regular basis?
Do you "love" the things of this world more than God Himself?
Are you too busy for Jesus? What are your priorities?
Do you use God's name in vain? ('Oh My God, OMG)
Do you fail to pray earnestly & pray for the lost who will spend eternity in hell?
Do you fail to preach the gospel on a regular basis? OR do you hinder others?
Are you indifferent about your sin? What is your attitude?
Do you seek after worldly wealth & fame vs seeking first the Kingdom of God?
Do you fail to obey Jesus, and God's Word consistently?

Some of these are tough to answer, because I, of course, don't want to get the wrong answer. But it is good to examine my heart.

The part that got me thinking about this was the life of Jesus. Jesus lived His life the way we should be living ours. Think of the people He affected in His life: did he get a lukewarm response? I was thinking about my I invoke a lukewarm response in others? Is the WORD that I proclaim causing a lukewarm reaction? Jesus' followers either loved him enough to give up everything (even to the point of dying for Him) or they hated Him enough to want Him dead!!!

Is God's message, through me, causing a lukewarm reaction in others?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Faith Like a Child

Well, it sure hasn't been that long since my last post, but this is too good to keep quiet!! Ezekiel has been asking all day to take off his bandaid. We didn't want to keep messing with it, since last night it was really swollen, and we wanted to mess with it as little as possible. Josh and I felt like it was best to keep his nail ON, so that it would protect the skin underneath!! It really was only hanging on by a small section. When I applied pressure it was very obvious how the nail was mobile.

After almost 24 hours with the same Bandaid, we decided it was time to change the Bandaid. He came running into the kitchen to show is TOTALLY healed. It isn't a bit swollen; the nail is completely in place!!! You can see a small white line where the nail was cut, but it's WHOLE!!! The kids and I are pretty excited to see his nail completely healed. Jael pointed out that the nail on my foot took a lot longer to heal/grow back!! Yes, I guess I will have to remember to pray about that!!!

Abishai, especially, had been telling Ezekiel just to pray and ask God to heal it. Abishai said God had healed his cuts, so he knew that God could heal his finger. If only.........I could remember to have faith like a child.

Adventures of..........

ZQ, truly, I think Ezekiel has the most bruises, cuts, scrapes, and accidents of any of my children. Yesterday was no exception.

My heart hurt after this one, you know, those little pricks of pain when you KNOW someone else is hurting. BUT, to be be honest, I was also NOOOOOOTTTTT happy!!! I had told the boys to stop playing around. We were at Best Buy waiting for Josh to finish up some shopping; yes, we were waiting on Josh. I know it's hard to believe. The kids and I were walking around the store looking at things. Seriously, they have some VERY small laptops. Ok, back to the story. They boys were antsy, and I finally told them I had enough, so keep STILL.

Of course, my first indication that something is wrong is the HIGH-pitched SCREAM.......I squatted down, oh so elegantly, and looked at the blood from ZQ's thumb. I asked what happened........" I ssssttttuuuuckkkk iiiiiiitttt there!"
He had put his finger in the wheel, while it was moving. In the process, he had lost most of his thumbnail. It was still there, making the blood flow a little less messy. I still had it on my hand. So, I applied pressure to his thumb, grabbed Levi. I proceeded to have the other two follow, all the while patting myself on the back. I made it out of the store and to the car. Don't ask me why no one offered to help, or maybe I was so fast they didn't realize what was wrong. I know I was fast, because I didn't want a lecture on how children don't belong on "that" part of the cart!! Both boys were on the bottom part of this cart.
Oh, the real patting on the back was because I knew I had a first-aid kit in the car. I was very glad that I remembered to KEEP it in the car. I even had finger-tip Bandaids. What an afternoon!!!! He is doing better today; he isn't "babying" the hand. It was swollen, and I am sure it hurt badly.

So, another memory for the books!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Husband Rocks~Friday

Click on the picture above to see how this all started--the bragging every week about how my husband rocks......

Josh hates snakes with a curious passion. Is that even a type of hatred? Working in the landscaping business has afforded him the privilege of coming across a few snakes over the years. I still smile about this, because to hear him talk about snakes is hilarious. He hates them, but the times in our marriage where we have had TV or have been at someone's house who does.........he manages to find the National Geographic marathon about snakes.

We will end up watching the WHOLE MARATHON about snakes. Josh knows a lot about snakes, but he hates them. He has shot at least two rattlesnakes. I have the rattles of one of them; he was BIG. EEK!

BUT it still makes me laugh when he BRINGS HOME A SNAKE???? If you hate snakes WHY on EARTH are you bringing a snake home??? I am glad that Josh has a healthy fear of snakes, but I do wonder how much fear is really involved? I admire Josh's courage, because if he really is as afraid of snakes as he says......he is one BRAVE man!!

Josh has always been very good at concealing his fear; I have learned now when he is afraid. I enjoy knowing that over the years I can now "read" him, thanks, Babe, for letting me love you. AND for being so brave.....and doing things even though you are afraid. You are very courageous!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cinnamon Rolls

WOOHOOO!!! I have found my cinnamon roll. I just need to perfect my "skills" in making them. I have a big, sugary, slightly crispy outside, soft inside.........

Should I share the recipe? Hmmm......


I have made over 4 dozen cinnamon rolls; Josh is sharing....SooPRIZE, SooPRIZE!!!

I have eaten a half of one. BUT I know what I want.........I don't have to taste. Does that make ANY sense?

I finished Batch 3:

Can you believe Josh accused me of using a can of rolls? Now, totally understandable, IF I WASN'T SPENDING THE DAY IN THE KITCHEN MAKING THEM?!?!?! I had to actually PROVE that the can of rolls was still in the refrigerator??? Why, oh, why do I have to prove myself???

Well, I am still not entirely thrilled with how these turned out. I think they are too small, and they look dry.

SO, today I am making some more. Bigger, better, and hopefully the best........did I mention I have cell group tonight? LOTS of taste testers!! Mwahhahahah!!!

Thank you for letting me share my journey......guess you don't have a choice. I do wish you were all here to try some!!!