Thursday, December 16, 2010

School Project

Honest, I could pour so much money into making my school room so fun and colorful, but I am using what I the moment, and I am liking it.  I think, gradually, I can change some things to make it more appealing.  BUT the kids ADORE just the few changes, which only makes it more fun.

About a month ago our landlord was making a trip to the dump with all of the miscellaneous things that he has around the property, and he offered to take our broken dryer, too!  (such a blessing, in itself)  As he was about to leave he came knocking on the door.  He thought maybe he had something I would be interested in, and he didn't want to take it to the dump if I did.....

Oh, yes, I definitely wanted them!!!

4 old school desks...the blue chair was from Jael's room (it's Levi's desk chair)

I had some material from curtains that did NOT fit the LONG windows.

AND, of course, the two panels were not the same width.

Cutting and Sewing

And more cutting......

And pinning (plus a lesson in photography for Jael)

AND my man was so helpful in installing the curtain rods and changing the maps and wipe-off boards, to my liking....he is SHOULD be jealous!  The desks were in bad shape; one didn't even have the seat on it. He cut out a piece for the top of one desk, doing a fantastic job making the desks clean and useable.

NOT half bad for a fast fix...I had to do something, because the windows cause a major distraction for the boys, especially.


Gombojav Tribe said...

FUN! School desks! I like!

Lady Dorothy said...

Great job, both of you! Looks good!