Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Provision Room--Giveaway!

It’s A Party!!

Time is flying and they are having WAY too much fun at my sister's newest blog.  The Provision Room is a blog that helps move us towards emergency and “life-happening” preparedness.  It's a lot of fun! And my sister and her friend Kristina are REAL people, so there is no panic; it's about being more aware.

This week they are giving away two amazing gifts! First from Kelly over at Generation Cedar. She is graciously giving away a large skin care gift set! This set includes an 8 oz. Lotion, Shea Body Butter (4 oz.), Brown Sugar Scrub (4 oz.), Soap and Loofah Sponge.

AND I want this!

The second gift comes from a friend of theirs who is extremely talented in designing and making clothing.  She is a wealth of sewing knowledge and has a passion for making “real” women feel comfortable in their own skin.  She has designed a TOP SECRET apron--Ms. Theresa’s Apron Brigade apron. This is the apron you will love to put on whenever you feel your mommy super powers begin to flow!

AND I want this, too!

So.....go on over and enter for me yourself, and enjoy looking around, too!  If you win--you owe me!

Visit The Provision Room


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