Friday, May 18, 2012

MG Baby Cloth Diapers - Diaper Review

Maci Grace is offering their diapers at half off on one of my very favorite websites.  You got it--Baby Half Off.  I love this website, because when I want to try something new it's not taking such a huge chunk to try it. 

Maci Grace's cloth diaper came in the mail yesterday and after prepping it (warm water wash and dry) I had to try it out.  The outside is almost a silky feeling. If you have ever tried a Tots Bots diaper, this is the similar feel on the outside. 

The one size diapers will grow with your baby from newborn to potty training, and this is always a plus when you are going to spend over $20 on a single diaper. The sizing is generous, and it is definitely going to grow with Caleb. At 10 months old he no where near the biggest setting, so unlike some claims for one-size, this seems to fit the bill.  It includes an extra snap to make it even tighter for babies much smaller than Caleb.  With the hip snap I am not seeing much wing droop. The fabric does seem to bunch a little bit at his waist, but I think this is due to the material's thickness.

The diaper includes two- 4 layer soft bamboo inserts which make this diaper extremely trim for how absorbant it is, unlike the extremely fluffy microfiber inserts.  It seems to do a great job for Caleb's messes.  The pocket stretches generously, but is not a wide opening.  The pocket was almost hidden, as it is flush with the back elastic.  Caleb is not leaking during nap times, but we have not tried it for overnight. The nice thing about just add more! With bamboo inserts it makes the diaper extremely absorbant.

Caleb's diaper came in the Peek-a-boo black color, and I am loving the colored snaps. I can Jael,  my 10 year old daughter, which color to match-up, and she knows how tight to fit his diaper. This is a definite plus.  The elastic around the legs is not too tight, so he has no marks on his chunky legs.

It is a typical cloth diaper that has enough thickness that it does look bulky for jeans, but I have my favorites for jeans.  This diaper is a PERFECT everyday diaper, and I am enjoying it.

So far, this diaper gets an A+ from us!!  Definitely a big thank you to Baby Half Off for allowing us to try it out.

The cutest model EVER!


THE Princess Bombshell* said...

I made that first photo my desktop. :)

Lady Dorothy said...

I'm sure you're right about the diapers, but I do have to agree with how cute your model is!

erc said...

Is my boy not feeling well?? He doesn't look too happy???

Taryn☮ said...

Hi! I came across your review while doing a search. Thank you for the great info and pics! What is your favorite diaper for jeans? I am struggling with bulky cloth diapers that don't fit under jeans or my daughter's leggings.


Serena Abdelaziz said...

In order, Peachy Green, Grovia, and Tots Bots are my favorite for jeans. Thank you for stopping by!