Friday, October 10, 2008

My Husband Rocks-Friday

I guess I have been so busy from my fun weekend away, that I haven't posted anything since I left. Oops! Things have been hectic around here. I have to say it's mostly because of something that happened a few weeks ago, which leads to my reason for Josh being the "best!"

I got into an accident, and I turned in front of a motorcycle. My 2004 Yukon XL is officially a total LOSS. But instead of my Josh being "really ticked off at me" he has been calm, cool, and collective during this whole ordeal.

I know the stress on him-to make sure we are provided for and have a decent car to drive- weighs on him a lot, but he never got mad at me for putting a big kink in his "month!"

I love you, Babe, for understanding that accidents happen.
You also have managed to stay so calm about the whole situation.
As we spend this weekend looking for the car God has for us, I want to say THANK YOU for doing the best you can.

I love you!


Katy Lin :) said...

what a sweetheart! hope everybody's ok & that you have a great weekend!

Kay-Kay said...

That is so great that he was so understanding and didn't get mad at you for the accident. I hope the two of you find a great car this weekend.

Lady Dorothy said...

You've got a good man!