Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged for a Meme~my first one

Should I be honored? Hmm.......thanks Daja! I guess you just wanted to know some more random things about me?

1. I don't care for writing. I know, can you believe I have a blog? Insane? But it's one of the ways I believe God is stretching me.

2. I don't really like intercessory prayer. I know, AGAIN??? Can you believe it? It seems that as I go through life God seems to be having me do the things I don't care to do!

3. I have a backwards tooth. The orthodontist said it would be easier to turn it the wrong way then to make it right. Every dentist I go to HAS to comment.

4. I have about 80 pairs of shoes. Please.....make me feel better and SAY you have more!!

5. I like to do laundry. I only have issues with letting it pile up when it is CLEAN. I always have a child napping SOME WHERE in a room, and I don't get to it quick enough. One day around here, can make me VERY FAR behind.

6. I don't like heights. I choose to do things that make me afraid, just to not let FEAR have control over me. I am not ready to jump out of a plane, YET!

7. I am a ChaCha Guide. I get paid 10/20 cents a question....to research FOR people.

I tag:

Amy at Ke Aloha : a friend who rarely blogs! :-)

Nessie over at Metamorphosis : a friend from Yuma, AZ, who moved to Colorado, and NOW lives in Yuma, AZ, AGAIN. (Still trying to forgive her, J/K)

Angela, my cousin, over at Robo Family : Miss you!


Gombojav Tribe said...

I don't think I knew the backward tooth thing.

And, by the way, the link on my name doesn't work.


FUN MEME, eh?!

amy k* said...

Ok, ok, I'll complete the meme IF you tell me how to get that cute "tagged" sign on my blog! I tried copying and pasting, but to no avail.

I know, I'm SUPER late (a Williams thang?? lol)