Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Right Do I Have?

A friend wrote this, and I think it speaks to this stage in my life..........THANK YOU for writing what words God gave you.

What right do I have to be afraid? What right have I to fear anything? I know the truth, I know who created and who cares for this universe of ours, what right have I to be afraid?

If our Creator where less understanding the fear of those who believe in Him might very well offend Him.

“I made you,” He would say, “I crafted you from mere dust. Look at that very dust, I crafted it with but a word, spoke it into existence where there was nothing. From that inanimate dust I crafted you, a being so complex not even thousands of years has allowed you to understand your own selves. I crafted the universe with but words, I crafted you, a being full of life, from that which had no life, what right have you to be afraid when I have said I will always care for those who believe in me?”

Yet He is an understanding God and knows we will have fear. Yet I find myself wondering, do I even have the right to feel fear? I have no more right to be afraid of what happens in this world then I do a right to go to heaven, yet I am going because God is loving and understanding.

Therefore, though I have no right to be afraid, I am given the freedom to be afraid. God knows we humans will fear, even though we Believers know we have no reason to be afraid. We have the very Creator of the universe on our side, what reason do we have to fear other men?

Terrorists, sickness, economic crisis, all must bow knee to the Creator. None has dominion save as He allows them. So what, I ask, gives me the right to fear any of them?

I know I possess not the power to face any of these alone. I am no fool, I know I am powerless, in and of myself. However I am more then just myself, I have on my side the one who created the universe, the very stars, He breathed it all into existence with but a word. I myself am powerless, but through Him I am powerful.

I am not second to another, for He loves all His children equally. He is God therefore I will not have to “wait my turn” for His undivided attention. He is there when I need to speak to Him, no matter how many of His children are speaking to Him. Through the millions my voice still rings true to His ears, even as all others do as well. The millions speaking to Him do not drown out my own voice, rather my voice adds weight to the the other voices, just as those other voices add weight to mine.

God does not play favorites, I am no more loved then any other of His children, but that is because He loves all His children so much it is not possible for Him to love us more. If He loves us that much, if He cares for us so deeply, will He not then, watch over for us, protect us, and provide for us?

Of course He will, so then what right have I to fear?

I am human so what happens around me does frighten me sometimes. It is not a sin to be afraid.

What is a sin, is for me to fail to realize that I have nothing to fear. What is a sin is for me to let that fear grab my attention and keep it.

I, am a child of God. I, have nothing to fear. I, will not fear that which happens around me. I, will remember that God has given me a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind.

I, am a child of God, the apple of His eye, his beloved.

I dare Satan and His ilk to challenge God, I don’t have to fear the devil, I don’t have to fear his weapons, I do not have to fear anything for:

I, am God’s beloved child.

Bring it on devil, I have the Creator of the Universe, the God of Creation on my side, and I have nothing, in heaven or earth, to fear.