Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Awanas Grand Prix

I asked Jael if she thought she would win! "Of course, Mom!" Now, who's daughter is she? How am I supposed to teach her how to be a good sport when she never loses? I guess a lesson for another day!! AND maybe a lesson she will learn by having a heart after God.
Josh and Jael both did a great job on making a great car, a fast one. There were 100 clubbers in the race, but Jael only had to race against 40 of them.
We expected to be there for about 3o minutes, just enough to participate! We were there for 2 1/2 hours!!!! Jael raced over 10 times; her car had no malfunctions. The design was her idea, and the wood work was done by Josh.
It was, of course, a family affair. Everyone wanted a piece of the action. The car had to weigh no more than 5 oz. I got my kitchen scale out, so that we could get as much weight as possible. Maybe I get points for my contribution.

We were very proud of her accomplishment. Jael also managed to win a raffle prize: a huge bar of Hershey's chocolate and a special-edition Coca-Cola. (which Daddy drank)
And when I say that our church makes a fun time of their events, I mean it. They had a concession stand and everything. Brownies were only 25 cents! The boys got some little yogurt bites. Jael was way too excited; she had a small taste of her chocolate, that was it for her.

As time went on things got a little anxious for all of us. Josh and I were very excited at how well she was doing. As she progressed to the semi-finals and then to the finals, we text messaged all of the family. Jael's police car ranked in 2nd and 3rd place for every race. The last and final race was the most exciting, because she came in 6th place!!! Her car crashed, but they had a "do-over!!!!!" The digital finish line did not get the readings. We knew on the next race, that she had to get in second place or she may not win. The didn't give the results, but we could see it was close!!! The intensity!!



If only you could have seen the joy and excitement on her face, when they gave her a ribbon for participation. She got her ribbon and proceeded to retrieve her car. She knew, as we all did, that if she couldn't find her car on the table............THEN SHE WAS A WINNER!!! She was extremely excited at not finding her car. You would have laughed if you could have seen those long legs jump up, and almost trip her!!! She WON!!!!! Jael was the 2nd place winner!! She got her first trophy, and she has been waiting anxiously for me to write and tell you ALL about it.

Definitely a fun day!!


Joshswife said...

Sorry about the crazy formatting!!

Lady Dorothy said...

WooHoo! Jael, you ARE a winner! In fact, you are MORE than a winner! (Remember our song in California, "More Than a Conqueror"?)

I am so happy for you! Isn't it grand to have a Daddy like yours? Isn't it fun to have a trophy?

Good job!

(I think I'll link to Mommy's blog from mine so that my friends can see you, too!)

Gombojav Tribe said...

High five Jael! GOOD JOB!!!

Meg said...

JaeL that was Incredible.
your car was nice Jael

titi* said...

Tell Jael I'm sorry I never called her back. :-( That was a crazy day!

Persuaded said...

Yay! for Jael! You know what... my Noah does this same activity in Cub Scouts, only they call it Pinewood Derby in that case. He wanted me to let you know that he won First Place and Best of Show one year☺