Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Secret

Ever since I discovered this site, Fantabulously Frugal, I use it to give tips to friends, and I have been checking every day. Watching, making sure I don't miss anything. I would have liked to keep it a secret, but I want to get extra entries in the giveaways!!

Why? Well, since I'm always looking for steals and deals in every conceivable nook and cranny, this place does a LOT of the work for me. It takes all the actual WORK out of that process.

Every day, multiple times a day, they posts freebies, coupons, and great sales that I would have to research to find myself.

Like, how am I supposed to know that Borders gave away a free cup of coffee through May 3rd? Or that they have a 40% off coupon that was good until May 2nd? Or which magazine companies are offering free subscriptions AT THAT TIME?

Recently, you got a FREE lip product with any purchase at Bath and Body Works. I may not have gotten around to using the gazillion different promotions, but it IS too hard with SOOO many choices.

Plus, somehow they magically know EVERY special promotion and sale that could possibly be going on - like RIGHT OLD NAVY!! My favorite - tons and tons of coupon codes and inside info.

To add even more, Fantabulously Frugal is having a 31 days of Giveaways promotion ALL MONTH! Every day there's a NEW giveaway--today is a CUPCAKE theme package. (SO CUTE!!)



Lady Dorothy said...

Hey! I've been there before. But not enough to find anything I could use. I'm glad you've been passing those good things on to the rest of us! :-) Hope you win something good!

Alicia said...

oooo, thanks for telling!:)
some secrets just are not meant to be kept.;)