Friday, April 24, 2009

My Husband Rocks~Friday

Josh said we would look at the dryer, but I was wondering if he would procrastinate! He did not. I told him that I really felt we could save some money if the dryer was cleaned out; I told him his "mommy" said he should, and I also commented on my concern about the fire hazard.
I knew when we moved in that the lint catcher was broken, which I asked our landlords to replace. BUT if it was broken how long did lint just accumulate?? Anyway, he did agree....but I still wondered if he would actually DO it this weekend.
I am so glad he did!! He took the cover off, and sure enough lots of lint. Josh is also a perfectionist, which I appreciate when I ask him to do projects like this. He always does an excellent job. He kept vacuuming, taking off more pieces, and pulling apart the whole dryer: the motor, the fan, and the door, the top, etc. He found the heating element... it was NOT a fun wake-up call.
In some ways, I am very glad to have the evidence for next time,when I ask him to do it for me. But I am happier that he just DID what he agreed to do. AND that he is such a perfectionist in his work.
The heating element had a piece of lint covering the whole thing, like a blanket--BURNT!!! Josh was very GLAD we cleaned it out. AND I am glad I have a husband that isn't scared to take something a part.


Cher said...

wow...this is pretty scary! What a good guy though to clean that out for you!!

Leona said...

YIKES!!!!!!! We NEED to do this, thanks for the reminder!!

Alicia said...

I'm glad you guys did not have a hazard before you got to that. I've been thinking we should do that soon too. I keep hearing about how good it is to do now and then.

Katy Lin :) said...

what a sweetheart! i was so glad that i didn't have to do this job, so funny that both of our hubbies did it in the same week, lol!