Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two Types of Mothers

There are only two types of mothers. The ones who happily stay at home and the ones who wish they could. ~Dr. Laura
I do not......has our society changed that much, since 2001? I don't believe that the moms who work really wish they could stay at home. I know there are some, but I don't think all of them? AND are you a stay-at-home mom who is HAPPILY at home? I know some who aren't! So, does that make four types? What are your thoughts?


Gombojav Tribe said...

I do agree in that every woman wishes for a peaceful and happy home life and the price of that is staying home with your children. So, though she may not realize it, she does want to be home.

I think all women--whether in the workforce or at home--wish that they could be happy staying at home.

Joshswife said...

Interesting, Daja...that's what I said to someone the other day: at the end of their life, those women WISH that it had been family and home, NOT career.

I agree that some don't realize it!!

sk* said...

Three types. "wish they could" is really two types of mothers at home. One type referring to being at home happy, another type "wish they could" be happy.

Alicia said...

I am very happily at home. I like what Daja said here in the comments, she summed it up well. Rewarding and Happy are two different things. One can effect the other but does not always.