Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Journey of Discipline

Adam and Eve knew not to eat of the tree of knowledge. The enemy (Satan) came and tricked them so they would disobey what God said. They had to live with the discipline God gave them. God still loved them – but they still had to live with the choices they made. And it is the same for us.

If you never learn to obey when you’re young, when you’re older you will find it hard to obey.  It is hard to get along with someone that has not learned to obey. They often won’t listen and want to do everything their own way. Maybe you know someone like that! They end up hurting themselves – and God.

It makes God sad when we don’t obey. As a parent, obedience need’s to start with me. If I learn to obey my children will learn to obey as they get older. This is one of the most important lessons to learn, and maybe the hardest. God has given us all a free will – which means we are free to make our own choices. We can choose to obey or not. It’s our choice. But we need to remember what happened to Adam and Eve. There is a price to pay! Jesus is our example of true obedience.

Okay, so that was really on OBEDIENCE. BUT in obedience I find discpiline in my daily walk. God wants us to be disciplined, and really in order to be disciplined it takes obeying.  I have been on my journey for what seems like a LONG time, but I guess until I get it....I will keep on doing it. 

I started a diet of REAL discipline. I get NO STARCHES or CARBS or ANY kind of SUGAR for at LEAST five weeks.  We will see how much weight I lose, and see if I need to continue.  It's really been good.  It's been "easier" than I thought, but it does take discipline.  NO CHEATING!!! I can't cheat or I would feel that I didn't REALLY obey.  You know? 

To date.....I have last 12 lbs.  (dieting for 10 days) 

I am going to be VERY brave and post my before picture!!! AAHHH!!!  BUT this way I can SEE the difference.  AND know that I really don't want to be this heavy, and when I feel like "disobeying" I can see THIS. 


Lady Dorothy said...

I already see such a difference! The obedience and discipline will pay big dividends! (And not just in how you look!)

Mrs. and Mama K said...

coconut oil's supposed to speed up your metabolism!