Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shallah's Adventures

The past few months have allowed Shallah to experience many NEW things. She went to her first ballet, and her first tea party. She has tasted her first food. She got her ear's pierced. She sits up perfectly, and she also manages to move herself ALL over the house. She discovered dog food, too! This was her first Christmas, and that means it was also her FIRST trip to Disneyland.

Christmas Dress and blowing bubbles.....her favorite!

Early Christmas morning

Ear Piercing


Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL girl! You are so blessed. Wish I could just hold her and hug her! Love you! Mrs. Sims :-)

Leona said...

She is SO SO CUTE! BUBBLES, SO CUTE! And that lady did one of my ear piercings too!!

The Sprinkle's said...

Oh my goodness. she is growing up sooo much!! She is so cute!

Lady Dorothy said...

She really is growing up so fast! And she's as sweet as can be!