Friday, March 6, 2009

Dear Tooth Fairy

How Deep Are Your Pockets?

This was the letter Jael left for the tooth fairy. Josh thinks she learned how to be so grateful from me; I guess I will take that as a compliment. Part of the reason for the extra kindness was because the last tooth she put under her pillow did not have a letter, because I wouldn't let her leave a letter to the tooth fairy that sounded demanding. Needless to say she only got a dollar. The big problem is that the tooth fairy left dollar coins, which are getting a bit harder to acquire.

Well, the letter worked......she got her three dollar coins. She is saving her money for a Princess alarm clock, so that she can learn how to sleep in. Yes, sleep in!! She has 12 dollars saved, and the alarm clock costs about $35.00. She has a ways to go, but she is doing a good job saving her allowance every week. AND even though it cost the tooth fairy $3.00 for that's nicer that she got it because Mommy and Daddy were going to have to pay the dentist $5.00.

Hey, maybe Ezekiel should have gotten the extra $2.00??? He is the reason the tooth is finally out........


Gombojav Tribe said...

ZQ pulled out her tooth?! That amazing!

Robo Family said...

What a cute letter. Jael is such a smarty! Also, she knows how to sweet talk her way to getting what she wants. You go girl!! She sounds very determined and on her way to success!! :)

erc said...

Tell Jael that Grammie is VERY proud of her NEAT HANDWRITING! Very pleasing! --And it's a very nice thank you note TOO!! (I didn't teach HER that....but I taught her

Lady Dorothy said...

Go ZQ! (He looks a bit hesitant about it, though. :-) )

Jael, your handwriting is lovely! It is so nice to write thank-you notes!

American Home said...

Your blog is too cute! It brightened my day! I love your background.