Friday, March 6, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things......

Daja tagged me for a meme to take a picture of my favorite things--things that make our home beautiful or functional. I am finally getting around to it, but it's so hard to NARROW it down. It's fun to take a moment and be grateful for all of those things......I am a BLESSED girl.

The extremely sexy purple Animal/Dyson is an absolutely phenomenal vacuum cleaner. I love it. It was a present from Josh about 10 months ago, after complaining that my other vacuum did NOTHING for cleaning up the massive amount of black dog hair. It is an amazing tool.

The Upright Piano in my living room is such a wonderful addition, mainly because I have had this piano since I was 8 years old. BUT it is also the best sounding upright piano I have ever heard, and it hasn't been tuned in at least 10 years!!! It has amazing sound quality; I love playing it. The kids enjoy it, too!

The Bedroom Set seems to just make my bedroom more of the haven I desire. My room seems complete; it seems put together. I have always wanted a headboard and a foot board, now I have a complete set. I love it.

The Kitchen Table is another one of my favorite pieces. We can ALL sit around the table, and it's the perfect height for everyone. Josh likes it, and we use it EVERYDAY. I love that it brings us all together, and it's sturdy. It also goes very well with my "shabby rose garden" theme.

The Family Wall has many memories. I enjoy looking at the vast array of pictures from years past and present. It makes me feel a part of something a lot bigger than JUST ME!

The Pink Nano Ipod was a COMPLETE surprise present from Josh last year, yes, as you can see it appears that I have been given lots of presents lately. They are certainly grand, if you ask me. When we moved to Colorado I got rid of my CD player because it was only working half the time. I was really sad to see it go, because I love having music playing in the house during the day. I clean better with music "blasting!" Anyway, I was trying to decide if I should buy the same kind of CD player. I liked having a multi-player, so I could have HOURS of continuous play. Josh brought this home, and I LOVE it.

I am sure I could keep taking pictures and listing more things, but I GUESS I will stop. I love looking back and seeing how blessed I am.......abundantly blessed.


Lady Dorothy said...

Your table looks small in this picture. Not like the table for a family of six (seven) that it is!

And you know I LOVE family walls!

Great list!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Wasn't that fun?!

But, you didn't tag anyone!