Sunday, March 22, 2009

Letterboxing Fun

We haven't gone letterboxing in a couple of years. Today just seemed like the perfect day. Despite the fact that March is supposed to be the snowiest month in Colorado, we figured we would give it a try. Today was a BEAUTIFUL day; the temperature was about 80 degrees. Sounds like snowy weather to me???????

We started out on our first "hunt" in the WRONG direction. After about 1/2 mile we realized our mistake (or lack of clues), so we turned back around. We headed in the right direction, and with an extra mile of walking........we accomplished our task. It really is a great way for us to go and spend time outdoors with a goal in mind.

Levi fell asleep at 5 pm, and the other children are just BARELY hanging on......what a day!!

If you have never heard of letterboxing, it really is a fun thing for families. We all enjoy it, and it has an interesting history. has a search for you to find boxes in your area.


Gombojav Tribe said...

So what did you find?! No pictures of the box? Or did you not find one?

Leona said...

NEVER even heard of it?? I assume it is a scavenger hunt? FUN!!!!

Joshswife said...

Leona, I thought we told you about it, because we did do it in Paso a few times. (or surrounding areas) It's kind of like a scavenger hunt, but you KNOW what you are finding. Each box is set up by different people, so the clues to find it vary LARGELY. Some of them are WAY more difficult/fun to find.

Each "treasure" is just a small tupperware type box with a notebook and a stamp. You stamp in their book, and you stamp in theirs. (with the date)

We DID find the box, but you have to be "secretive" and there were a LOT of people, I forgot to take a picture.

It's really just a great way to get out and DO something, that costs no money. We have our notebook, stamp pad, and pen in the car. It has been for a couple of years?? LOL!!

Lady Dorothy said...

How fun! I just love seeing pictures of you all! (Though I think you are avoiding the camera?) Look at those long legs on Jael! And ZQ looks a little wary of getting too close to that drain!

Joshswife said...

I meant to say that you stamp in their book with your "personal" stamp, and then each box should have their stamp, which you put in your book.

The first box we ever found was in a cemetery, so the stamp in THAT box was a skeleton. YUCK!!

Titi* said...

That first picture is hilarious-- "Letterboxing Fun"! Yeah, right! lol They all look terribly bored and tired sitting there. :-)

Levi doesn't even look the same little baby boy I know. He doesn't even look like he's your guys'! lol

Alicia said...

I just wanted you to know i added you to my blog list. I have always enjoyed my visits when I've come by. Your blog is refreshing.