Monday, August 17, 2009


This is already our second week of school. We survived!! AND hopefully had fun, too! Jael has already learned an egg will float in salt water and sink in regular water. Oh, the joys of science experiments.

Our curriculum, My Father's World, looks like this: easy to teach, integrated Biblical content, less preparation, strong academics, multi-age unit studies, international focus, hands-on activities, character development, and recognizes the Bible, God's truth, to be the foundation of wisdom and education. This curriculum combines the best of Charlotte Mason's ideas and classical education with a Biblical worldview, an international focus and our own observations of how children learn.

Abishai and Ezekiel are both learning together, and I, of course, expect less of Ezekiel since he is only 3. Our complete unit-based curriculum includes a phonics-based learning-to-read program and focuses on God's amazing creation (kindergarten). I really like 100 Easy Lessons for teaching them reading, and I will probably focus on that this next summer, right before Abishai goes into first grade. Ezekiel's biggest accomplishment, so far, is that he can now properly use scissors. (Notice the number 5 he cut out, below.)

Jael is learning U.S. history (second). We have a spelling book, and a primary for English lessons. She will be doing a lot of memorization. We also use Saxon math. Jael is still devouring books. And reads, on average, a book a day. She is in the process of finishing Anne of Green Gables, but she finds time to fit in a BoxCar Children book, too!

I love the easy-to-teach, integrated curriculum that is enjoyable, academically strong, and focused on character development.


Leona said...

Everything looks SO nicely organized, you are a wonderful teacher:) I wish we could do school together!

Titi* said...

Oh, I just heard about that curriculum THIS week from my friend who uses it. Weird. I guess I just might have to, too, then. :-)

And look at Zekey all ambidextrous... :-)

Cutie cuddles.

Joshswife said...

I used it last year and love did Leona! :)

Tamera - aka TJ said...

Thanks for sharing this, Serena. It's a refreshment to end my day. After all the hoopla of the government on documenting public school tests, work, and all the other "special" issues. It's great to read a simple post on just some GREAT learning. Wish most Americans would do it this way - HOMESCHOOL!
Now, I'm off to sleep - hopefully, I'll teach Joshua how to use scissors like Ezekiel before long. :) Great job!

The Sprinkle's said...

That looks like a great curriculum! What an amazing thing to see your kids learning so much! You are an amazing mom!