Friday, August 7, 2009

My Husband Rocks~Friday

Shallah is now 7 weeks old, but I have to mention that she was TWO WEEKS OLD before I had changed her diaper--even once!!! I am a mom of five, and I have never changed a meconium diaper. I know this may mean very little to some of you, but if you have never seen one of the FIRST diapers then you cannot fully understand. They are thick, sticky, and NASTY!! Josh is the most amazing Dad; I know I have said this before. BUT I think it bares repeating.

The boys are blessed to have a Dad that takes his job seriously. He is teaching them to open doors for people, and reminding them to treat a lady with extra care. Josh is sensitive, yet firm. The girls are blessed to have a daddy who adores and loves them. He tells Jael that he will take care of her and that no other man has to, such security is priceless for a little girl. I just LOVE that I am so blessed. Josh is STRONG, yet TENDER. This picture says it all........