Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trying to Catch Up

Being spoiled with help for almost 5 weeks was an amazing blessing. Josh's mom and my mom came to help me during Shallah's first few weeks. All of the children enjoyed have both Nana and Grammie visiting for so long. My friends also threw me a baby shower a week after Shallah was born; I was blessed with MANY wonderful things.

Since we had babysitters Josh and I decided to go out to dinner for our anniversary. Yes, June 19th, 2009 was a our 10th anniversary!! We made it, and it's only because of God's faithfulness. Each year is just more and more precious to me, and I am VERY glad to announce that we are doing better than ever. Daja mentioned that this was our diamond anniversary, which spiritually speaking is the perfect representation of what we have been through. Thank you for all of those who have supported is through the refining process.

Oh, and then two weeks after the baby was born my mom and I, PLUS 5 children, drove to Pennsylvania!! My aunt graciously paid for the gas and hotel, which made it all possible. It was fantastic; it really wasn't a bad trip at all. I loved sharing my family with all of my relatives. We enjoyed many things like a trip to the zoo, a buffalo farm, a FISH farm, and a host of other things. My family was amazing in their hospitality; they do know how to make us feel welcome!!

Just today, we got a wonderful package in the mail, which brought up all of the wonderful memories from our visit. Jael got a bear with a picture of a sandbox on it, plus a necklace and bracelet. Oh, and a few Boxcar children books. The boys got some handmade pillows with pictures of the Sneetches on them, PLUS the SNEETCHES book. Levi got a few new pairs of socks. (always a necessity) Shallah got a CUTE duckie outfit, and I got a nice birthday card and a decorative plaque about being "together!"

The excitement over this box of goodies was contagious. I mean, I am blogging about it!!! The Sneetches book was a memory I will never forget and now the boys won't either. The LAST night we were there my Uncle Rob was entertaining the boys with book after book, but it started with this one. It's a favorite, and it was delightful to hear both boys know that UNCLE ROB was the one who read them the book!! He reads very entertainingly. I hope they remember this for years to come, and now they have pillows and a book to remind them.


Anonymous said...

WOW you are adventerous driving all that distance with five kids! I am glad that you all had a good time visiting. And thank God for awesome grandmas who sacrafice and come help with the kids when needed.