Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Garden Grows

Abishai's sunflowers

I get so excited about new growth; I mean, I really do!! I am like a kid when it comes to checking on my garden. After a REALLY rough start, it is starting to produce some vegetables. A bad hail storm a couple weeks after we planted destroyed a lot of our plants.

I still need to get some wire guards for the tomatoes, or they will die. BUT I have gotten to use my fresh basil many times. I would have to say that Basil is my VERY, VERY favorite herb.

Today I went out and I have some corn cobs growing, too!! Wooohooo, I am so excited. I really do hope to get some things fixed in the garden, like weeds (the mosquitos keep me from gardening), and wire cages. I have to get those cages soon, since my dogs keep sitting on my plants. You all had better be excited with me, this is my FIRST garden!!

Anaheim Pepper

Corn on the Cob

Grape Tomatoes




Mrs. and Mama K said...

fun!! can't wait for the harvest!!

Anonymous said...

Good job Serena!!

Anonymous said...

Abaishi I LOVE your sun flowers. They are blooming quite nicely.

Leona said...

I LOVE your garden, I WANT your garden:) GOOD job!!!!!!!!!!!