Friday, February 6, 2009

My Husband Rocks~Friday

Click on the picture above to see how this all started--the bragging every week about how my husband rocks......

Josh hates snakes with a curious passion. Is that even a type of hatred? Working in the landscaping business has afforded him the privilege of coming across a few snakes over the years. I still smile about this, because to hear him talk about snakes is hilarious. He hates them, but the times in our marriage where we have had TV or have been at someone's house who does.........he manages to find the National Geographic marathon about snakes.

We will end up watching the WHOLE MARATHON about snakes. Josh knows a lot about snakes, but he hates them. He has shot at least two rattlesnakes. I have the rattles of one of them; he was BIG. EEK!

BUT it still makes me laugh when he BRINGS HOME A SNAKE???? If you hate snakes WHY on EARTH are you bringing a snake home??? I am glad that Josh has a healthy fear of snakes, but I do wonder how much fear is really involved? I admire Josh's courage, because if he really is as afraid of snakes as he says......he is one BRAVE man!!

Josh has always been very good at concealing his fear; I have learned now when he is afraid. I enjoy knowing that over the years I can now "read" him, thanks, Babe, for letting me love you. AND for being so brave.....and doing things even though you are afraid. You are very courageous!


Gombojav Tribe said...

Just don't bring one over here!

Lady Dorothy said...

So, WHY did he bring the snake home????

Yes, he is my hero, too. He killed a rattlesnake for me!

Tamera - aka TJ said...

So funny! My husband HATES snakes too. He kills them for us, but really he hates them worse than I hate spiders (and I do NOT like spiders).
So, why did he bring the snake home, and when does it go BACK!