Monday, February 2, 2009


I have made over 4 dozen cinnamon rolls; Josh is sharing....SooPRIZE, SooPRIZE!!!

I have eaten a half of one. BUT I know what I want.........I don't have to taste. Does that make ANY sense?

I finished Batch 3:

Can you believe Josh accused me of using a can of rolls? Now, totally understandable, IF I WASN'T SPENDING THE DAY IN THE KITCHEN MAKING THEM?!?!?! I had to actually PROVE that the can of rolls was still in the refrigerator??? Why, oh, why do I have to prove myself???

Well, I am still not entirely thrilled with how these turned out. I think they are too small, and they look dry.

SO, today I am making some more. Bigger, better, and hopefully the best........did I mention I have cell group tonight? LOTS of taste testers!! Mwahhahahah!!!

Thank you for letting me share my journey......guess you don't have a choice. I do wish you were all here to try some!!!


Lady Dorothy said...

I wish I was around to try some, too! I doubt I would stop with a half of one, though!