Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gasp or Yawn?

Previously, I mentioned being lukewarm; I think it would be fair to imply that a yawn would be considered a half-hearted response to God's Word and His Laws.

Both a yawn and a gasp are contagious. A gasp brings an excitement that makes people very curious as to what brought the reaction. A yawn is also contagious; did you yawn when you saw the picture?

The choice is ours. The proper grasp of God's Word and WHO HE IS will bring the appropriate grasp. But what brought on this friendship-with-the-world and enemy of God mindset, that causes a wrong response?

Personally, I believe its starting point is when we lose the fear of the LORD, and we lose our ability to gasp at what God gasps at, which causes us to think and behave like “fools.” Do we yawn when God gasps?

The fear of the LORD causes us to gasp at sin and stay at war with sin and the world, while yawning at sin causes us to think and act as fools. A fool thinks he can live at peace with sin and make friends with the world.


A grasp of the infinite greatness, majestic holiness, unmerited favor, and sure judgment of God, so firm and real and strong as to demand a response of true humility, awe, reverence, worship, trembling, repentance, trust, hatred of evil and love of obedience.

Unthankfulness in you or your children…yawn or gasp?

Lust for another women’s body…yawn or gasp?

Overeating consistently…yawn or gasp?

The truth that our biblical needs are food and clothing…yawn or gasp?

The truth that there are a 100 billion galaxies just like ours in the universe, each one containing 100 billion stars and God named them all…yawn or gasp?

The truth that God is perfect in holiness and there is no darkness in Him at all…not one tiny bit…yawn or gasp?

The fact that the Righteous, all-knowing, all-seeing Judge is standing right at the door…yawn of gasp?

When we hear of a believing woman who blames her discouragement on the pastor’s teachings instead of examining her own life and asking her husband to shepherd her…yawn or gasp?

When we hear of leaders in a Christian church who allow a blameless man’s reputation to be dragged through the mud…yawn or gasp?

Or what about church leaders who label as “faithful” holding tightly to a church name, church building, and church programs and call it faithfulness to Christ…yawn or gasp?

Oh, how desperately we need to look at these things and ask ourselves if we are in unity with God about what He yawns and gasps at. Do you have the fear of the LORD? What attitudes and action cause you to gasp? Which cause you to yawn?