Sunday, February 8, 2009

Adventures of..........

ZQ, truly, I think Ezekiel has the most bruises, cuts, scrapes, and accidents of any of my children. Yesterday was no exception.

My heart hurt after this one, you know, those little pricks of pain when you KNOW someone else is hurting. BUT, to be be honest, I was also NOOOOOOTTTTT happy!!! I had told the boys to stop playing around. We were at Best Buy waiting for Josh to finish up some shopping; yes, we were waiting on Josh. I know it's hard to believe. The kids and I were walking around the store looking at things. Seriously, they have some VERY small laptops. Ok, back to the story. They boys were antsy, and I finally told them I had enough, so keep STILL.

Of course, my first indication that something is wrong is the HIGH-pitched SCREAM.......I squatted down, oh so elegantly, and looked at the blood from ZQ's thumb. I asked what happened........" I ssssttttuuuuckkkk iiiiiiitttt there!"
He had put his finger in the wheel, while it was moving. In the process, he had lost most of his thumbnail. It was still there, making the blood flow a little less messy. I still had it on my hand. So, I applied pressure to his thumb, grabbed Levi. I proceeded to have the other two follow, all the while patting myself on the back. I made it out of the store and to the car. Don't ask me why no one offered to help, or maybe I was so fast they didn't realize what was wrong. I know I was fast, because I didn't want a lecture on how children don't belong on "that" part of the cart!! Both boys were on the bottom part of this cart.
Oh, the real patting on the back was because I knew I had a first-aid kit in the car. I was very glad that I remembered to KEEP it in the car. I even had finger-tip Bandaids. What an afternoon!!!! He is doing better today; he isn't "babying" the hand. It was swollen, and I am sure it hurt badly.

So, another memory for the books!!!


Lady Dorothy said...

Reading this just tenses up my whole body again! I can't imagine the pain! *shivering shoulders*

Poor baby!