Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Progress in Discipline

Figured maybe it was time to show you some progress in my weight loss journey. As you know, I started in January.  I have had a small Dr. Pepper ONCE since then, which is HUGE for me, because I really enjoy Dr. Pepper. I have gained so much from this experience, so far. I have been working out a few times a week, and it has been so relaxing. Yes, relaxing. I get to spend time on myself.  The biggest challenge will be keeping my portion sizes at a minimum, and I need to make sure I don’t pick up snacking during the evenings.  Evenings is always my hardest time, but I have been exchanging that time for exercise.  It’s working!!! I only have 18 more lbs. to go. And, honestly, I feel really good. If I don’t make it to 18 lbs, but I just tone and lost about 10 more…..I will feel like I succeeded. 

Thanks for following me on so many of my accomplishments. 


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Congratulations Serena, you look beautiful.