Sunday, April 4, 2010

Story of Hope and Restoration--Part 66

Lord, I am so scared. I have poured out my heart and man has stomped on it--my man, the one You blessed me with.  How do I deal with it?  I know you aren't a stranger to this, but I am human in my feelings.  What do I do?  Do I ignore the hurts? I guess it's not my job at all to worry about the consequences I think josh should pay.  Will I ever feel close to him, like I want?  Is this the curse of Eve?  Will marriage ever be what I dreamed it would be or what I read it could be, with only one person reading and caring about the other person. Josh says he is selfish.  Aren't we supposed to care about the other person?  What do I do, Lord? 

The year was almost over, so many things happened in my life.  February 1st is our move out day.  God was still stirring in me, new things. 

Our society has allowed "super spirits" to invade our lives, just like our "super viruses!"  Instead of turning to God and having intimacy with Him; we have used asprin to fix a major problem.  Men in leadership, especially, are being attacked.  Satan is out stronger than ever, because of the power we have given him. IN order to gain a stronghold in our lives Satan has "uped" his game, and I am mad that we are sitting back unaware. 

Why do leaders ignore the spirit realm? And if ther aren't why do they allow a little taste?  These spirits are attacking God's leaders, and they are on the prowl.

I had to make sure the church we were going to be attending in Colorado really understand the spirit realm. Did they lay back and let the devil have his way?  I wrote to the prayer pastory; I had an instant bond.  She got it! She definitely didn't sit back and let Satan have his way! I was so excited. 

I believed 2009 was the year of new beginnings, and I wanted to walk confidently and uprightly in WHO God wanted me to be.  Lord, take me to a deeper level; show me what You would have me to do. Lead me and hold me close. Protect me from things that would harm.  Make my path clear to me. I love Who You are; You will never hurt me.  No matter what I have Your unconditional love. Use me to be that for others.  Open my eyes to the traps Satan may have laid out. Help me to remember my armor. You are my friend, and I never want to lose sight of You.