Friday, January 23, 2009

April's Giveaway!

If you like my blog header, you will love April's Designs. She is super creative, super friendly, and super fun. If you decide to follow her blog OR become her friend OR purchase something make sure you tell her I sent you. It's always nice to get credit for sharing friends.

She has the most giveaways of anyone I know!!!
This is her most recent one:

100th Post Giveaway!

137 days, 100 posts, and 113 followers! I may not be the best of the best in the blogging world, but I am definetly the sexiest. (What can I say? You're a close second...okay tied for first.)

To commemorate the sexiness, I'm having a cuper kick A contest/giveaway. Since you know I am known for being pretty long winded, I will make this short and to the point. Please be sure to read all the rules though. I don't want anyone left out :D


Two winners will be chosen in each category.

1. Totally Awesomely Amazingly Wonderful Customized Blog Layout! Of course this is going to be the numero uno prize silly head! The winners get one of everything under the Blog TLC link above.

2. A $40 gift basket filled with TONS of customized mark. and Bath and Body Works products! Luxurious shower gels, yummy lotions, makeup, hair styling products, accessories, jewelry and more! Click on the link -----> on the right sidebar to go to my online store and pre-browse!

3. Custom Illustration! How cute would you look as a cartoon? Adorable!!! Full body, half, or headshot available. You can use it as your avatar, incorporate it into a header, or even print it out and put it on cards or embellishments. Great for Etsy stuff!

4. 10 winners will get 50% off any blog TLC items of their choice!

Criteria: To be considered as an entrant you must...

1. Make a post about this giveaway on your blog.

2. Take this giveaway button and post it on your sidebar. (Click in the box, press CTRL A, CTRL C. Then go to your blog layout and click "Add a Gadget", select "HTML/Java" and paste by clicking CTRL V.)

2. Comment on this post. (Believe me, you'll want to!) In your comment you may also include WHAT you'd like to be considered for. (i.e. If you already have a blog layout, you may not want that. But you might want the gift basket.) So feel free to specify, but you do not have to.

Just in case you all are feeling particularly ambitious - if THIS POST reaches 100 comments I will add a winner to EACH category. 200 comments I will add TWO winners to each category. And so on... YES, you can post multiple comments but I have a right to remove crude, distasteful, or ones that don't make sense/are too short.(Like only two or three words.) So spread the word!!!!

For additional entries into the contest you may:

1. Follow this blog if you aren't already. Anyone who is, or becomes a follower gets FIVE extra entries!

2. Comment on any post, any number of times (each comment is an entry.)

Good luck and show me some love!!! *wink*

Deadline for entries is Feb. 1st at Midnight. Winners will be announced Feb. 2nd before noon.