Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Replacement Time

Ever since I met the most amazing midwife in the world, I have dreamed of actually getting to have a midwife with me throughout a whole pregnancy. I have been "stuck" with doctors, because of medical complications. I really knew what I wanted, in my heart and mind, so I asked some friends to pray that I was lead to the best doctor--for me. (the dream doctor)

I wanted a doctor who:

~ has no problem with doing multiple c-sections, because I don't want the hassle of refusing a tubal ligation EVERY appointement. I honestly think I would find a new doctor, if this were the case.
~will respect my wishes about not signing for every test, shot, or "review" necessary.
~will not give me a hard time about the fact that I refuse to schedule my c-section, and that I want my baby to tell us when he/she is ready.
~will check to see if I am dialated, BEFORE surgery, because if I am dialated........I want a natural birth.
~will offer his advice on my cerclage, and be willing to discuss it with my without FEAR of the consequences: VBA4cs. :-)
~will offer a non-threatening, pleasant atmosphere.

O.k. so, God is SOOOOO not afraid of all those you have my list; I am SURE there are PLENTY more.....but those are the most important to me right now.

Oh, Christian would be nice, too!


The FIRST place I called to see about an appointment was a clinic that I had heard of, but their website was down. I had looked at all the others I saw online, but I decided to call this one. The receptionist asked me lots of questions about complications during pregnancy, etc. I really HATE answering that question, but I told her……”you all would say so!!” Anyway, I told her about having four prior c-sections, the last one was not high blood pressure, but the other three were.

She IMMEDIATELY said that I would HAVE to see the OB, and he wasn’t accepting new Medicaid patients. I got put on hold, the song playing: Holy is the Lord!! The song has words like how awesome He is!!!

Anyway, she came back to tell me that they would have to call me back, because it stands that the doctor I would NEED to see was not accepting patients. BUT that she wanted to check JUST to make sure.

Well, I got my call back!!! The midwife, a lady named Marie……who is a Christian, wants to take my case!!!! WOOHOO!!!! A MIDWIFE?!?!?!?!!? Oh, and should I mention she has seven children of her own?

Go back and read my request………..a non-threatening, pleasant, atmosphere!!!! Midwives are known for promoting a more natural birth; she will only turn my case over to the doctor if I things get complicated. She will be with me the whole time, and she will attend the c-section. (IF necessary, since I have had four)

The doctor will perform the c-section. I GET TO HAVE A MIDWIFE!!!!! Seriously, Friends, I don’t think I could have gotten a quicker answer to prayers. I am excited to meet her, and see how she relates to me. AND understands me……and all those other things I requested. I feel as though, so many of the things are already answered. This is very promising.


Gombojav Tribe said...

Can't tell you how happy I am for you!

Mrs. and Mama Knifton said...

I'm so excited for you! Here's praying you'll get the birth you've always wanted!

Lady Dorothy said...

How awesome, how awesome is He!