Friday, January 2, 2009


SHHHHHH!!! Don't tell Serena! I hacked her account. Well, not really hacked it...she left it open on my laptop. I'm Josh, Serena's husband.

She writes these posts about how much I rock. Let me tell you...she is the one that REALLY rocks! Let me tell you...

She is the most amazing wife that there has ever been. EVER!!! Since time began! I am so not kidding! She takes care of me in the the most wonderful ways. I love that woman! More than a little blog could even say!

Yesterday, was the anniversary of the day that I proposed to her. Hands down, the number one best decision of my life, besides deciding to live for Jesus.

Babe, there is so much I could say but you may walk in at any moment, so I should sign off and log out.

You just need to know...that I love you and am in love with you. Immensely!! You say that I rock? Girl, YOU ROCK!! You rock so hard that you broke the meter! And any rockin' that I may do is because you make it so easy and worthwhile to do so.

I love you, Serena!


Joshswife said...

SEE WHAT I MEAN?!?!?!?!? That's amazing!!! Definitely points for you.

Lady Dorothy said...

Can you two get any mushier??? LOL!

Keep on growing in your love. It makes everyone that loves you happy!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Josh and Serena sittin' in a tree...