Monday, January 19, 2009

I Sat On My Arm, Mom!

Honestly, I keep going over this in my head. Believe it or not, I even tried to sit on my own hand and see if I could do it in such a way that would actually cause pain?? Well, I stopped trying!

I am actually glad that I was sitting watching him when it happened or I may have blamed one of the kids.

Ezekiel was getting his shorts on, and he SCREAMED!! He was crying so hard; we were all watching him trying to see what happened. All of us were in the living room, so I wondered if someone had stepped on his fingers. He grabbed his right arm, and he proceeded to wail. I asked him what happened, "I sat on my arm!!" What in the world????

After sitting with me for a while, and whimpering about it hurting still we decided to maybe take him to the hospital? Ezekiel does not overreact to things. He got a stick thrown at him the other day, and he has a cut in the back of his head. He was DONE crying in a matter of seconds. If we moved his arm, he would cry harder.

I got in the shower, and I kept checking to see if it was really that bad?? We had a hard time getting on his shirt with a lot of crying. I loaded him up in the car, and we were off.

We waiting in the lobby for 50 minutes; ZQ proceeded to inform me that "they take LONG days to see me!" So, we kept waiting. Once we got checked in, things progressed quickly. The nurse came in, and looked at him. He grabbed his arm, and Ezekiel screamed. So, he TWISTED it. By this time, Ezekiel is screaming at the TOP OF HIS LUNGS. He twisted it the other way, and then it popped.

The doctor informed me of how common this thing is, but he had never heard of it happening from SITTING ON YOUR ARM? Oh, well.....

Almost instantly Ezekiel was back to himself again. He hopped of the bed, and he was ready to go home. They gave him a cute bear, and we were on our way. I am glad it was nothing too serious, but he was in a lot of pain.

From what I have researched I am glad we took him in, the longer you wait to correct it the higher chance of it happening again.

I will try and watch him better, and make sure he stops sitting on his arm!


Leona said...

OUCH:( Poor little guy...
Vincent did the same thing, BUT not by sitting on it:)
That sounds really painful, but glad he is all better!

Gombojav Tribe said...

Hug him for us!

Lady Dorothy said...

Didn't you know? Every good mother teaches her children not to sit on their arms!!

Poor little ZQ. I'm so glad he is better!

Gombojav Tribe said...

I just gave you another bloggy award!