Friday, January 2, 2009

My Husband Rocks~Friday

Christmas has past; New Year's Day is, what a BUSY holiday season. Is life going to seem "dull" now? I will blog, hopefully, later about our very eventful Christmas, but I cannot forget to write about my husband. Especially since I forgot to write one last week!!! I am glad that Josh cares so much about reading what I have to say about him---so much so that he reminds me when I forget. You rock, Babe!

I am feeling more and more blessed to be married to Josh; I have never regretted saying "YES" to him--10 years ago. Even through the rough times it was nice to know that I felt like GOD had a plan for us, even if it wasn't looking like it. I am falling in love with my "new Josh" more and more every day. He has been working so hard to put God first in his life, and it is evident in his daily life. I cannot be more proud to see him walking WITH God.

Last Sunday Josh spoke at church; he hadn't been behind the pulpit in almost a year and a half. The man I listened to on Sunday was not the same man I married. I know it took a lot of God's strength to get him through that day, but I was blessed to see him make some amends to those who have been hurt by our choices. It takes humility, that I haven't ever seen in Josh before, to bring up past hurts.

Josh, you rock! I am so proud of who you are becoming. I love you, and I am glad I am your wife. Thanks for making this holiday season the best EVER, for me!!


Alicia said...

Just wana say, I saw your picture on Daja's Christmas report..such a great pic of you guys!