Friday, January 30, 2009

My Husband Rocks~Friday

This week's prompt is to write about "The Moment." You know the moment you know that you would marry this guy.

That was a long time ago, almost 11 years? How does time fly? The most vivid memory I have was sitting on the counter (yes, the counter) at the local Dairy Queen chatting with a co-worker. I remember telling her about Josh; it was the first time I had really shared anything about him to anyone.
I remember SAYING to her, "I really believe this is the guy I am going to marry." Now, I remember when the words came out of my mouth, thinking...."I am pretty sure of myself, aren't I?"
I really had not even known Josh more than a few months when I told her this. I guess it was so clear to me, that he matched everything I wanted in a husband. I had written a list of the things that were ultimately important to me, and Josh fit the bill. Those were things, friends, on the other hand, said I was too picky to start with....and that I would never get married, and my mom would NEVER approve anyway.
I am going to share my list with you:
1. He doesn't want to hurt God, and loves God with his whole heart. God is utmost in his life.
2. He has a vision.
3. He is trustworthy.
4. He loves his family.
5. He wants to have children and homeschool them.
6. He is financially capable.
7. He believes in purity, not just in virginity.
8. He wants to be in ministry.
9. He has a teachable spirit.
10. He is sensitive to others' needs.
It's funny for me to read these, because I was only 16 when I wrote them. They meant a lot more than my small sentences conveyed, but I guess I WAS a bit too scared to write them down. If you checked with my friends, they would agree that I could be very opinionated and detailed in every area.
Josh, you were the man God brought into my life. Thanks for sticking around. You rock!
(thanks, Mom, for approving)


Landes Family said...

how awesome that you have a "list"! And even better that your hubby fit it. :)

Gombojav Tribe said...

Yeah, thanks Serena's Mom, for approving!

Lady Dorothy said...

Thank you, Serena and Emily, for seeing his worth. He is a good man, isn't he?

erc said...

You are welcome! Thank you for being such a Godly woman! ---BUT YOU----OPINIONATED??? ;-)