Friday, January 23, 2009

My Husband Rocks~Friday

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This week's prompt:
Tell us about a time that your spouse went out of his way to serve you, and love you sacrificially.

I have never used one of the prompts, until now. We will see how this goes........

I am pregnant right now, and it has got me to thinking about the birth of our newest member. Yes, I realize I am only halfway, but I cannot help but think about it.

After the birth of every one of our children Josh has taken off work to be with me. I know that at times it was more sacrificial than others. I have always appreciated those moments of bonding for us as a family. He certainly did not have to, because my mom has often been around to help. AND after each new member, my recovery seems to take less and less time.

Thank you, Josh, for being there for me. I might act tough, but I do need help more than you realize.


Ashley said...

How great that he takes time off to be with you!!!

Thanks for sharing!


iampregnant35 said...

congrats for being pregnant . wishing a very good health for you and your baby