Thursday, November 11, 2010

Giving Thanks - Day Eleven

There simply aren't enough words or strong enough words to show our appreciation for those of you whom have made incredible sacrifices out of love for and devotion to this country. You fought to defend our freedom and have done far more than swear your allegiance; you have literally put your lives on the line. Many have given their lives or suffered in untold ways, so that we could live soundly and safely in our homes. We will never forget what you have done for us; we honor you now and always.

Veteran's Day

by Roger W Hancock

We honor you, who fought for us,
for country’s sake of freedom’s plight.
You kept the greatest country great,
by sacrifice of you who served.

Honor to military, soldiers served.
There seems no risk in peace to serve.
When war breaks the silent peace,
no peace when security cease.

Sacrifice of civilian life,
careers succumb to enlist, or draft.
Families wait in fear, in prayer,
for loved ones return alive, not dead.

Returned Heroes and those deceased,
we honor, thank, though insufficient.
Parades, programs, our pride convey,
we honor you on Veterans Day.