Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giving Thanks - Day One

I have an absolutely fabulous family.  We know how to enjoy life, and this past year has had many opportunities to enjoy life.  Upon moving to Colorado we expected to have our house available to us, but the previous tenant was in no hurry to move out.  We had to camp for a week, waiting for him to move out.  You know what?  We LOVED it.  It wasn't so bad, and it had memories we will never forget.  Laundry in machines, food on a camp stove, freezing cold temperatures at night, and the stars at night were only a few of the wonderful things we enjoyed. 

God has carried us throughout this whole process of change in our lives, and we are enjoying the ride!  I hope to give a glimpse of that adventure in the next month, as I spend the month of November giving thanks for what GOD has done. 


Lady Dorothy said...

If we looked at more of our lives as an adventure instead of a difficulty, we would have so much more fun!