Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Giving Thanks - Day Sixteen


I am so thankful for a way to connect with friends, to make new friends, to connect with long-distance family.  In this busy world it seems that we are rushing from one thing to the next.  I definitely enjoy writing a letter or two, but I sometimes find it hard to get to the post office.  I have three letters my children have written, and they STILL aren't mailed. *sigh*  I go to town, but it's hard to bring all five kids into the post office. I should definitely see how much it costs to get them in the ATM.  Our world has so many ways to stay connected. I happen to like MOST of them. I am not a huge fan of the telephone, however. Maybe this is because of 5 children ALWAYS needing my attention, and it gets too noisy.
With Facebook I can keep it open on my desktop. I can get a message from someone, and I don't have to answer it until I am free. I love it.  I met two new families this month, and I have enjoyed getting to know their lives. I got caught up on the last 5 years of one families life, just in an afternoon of reading her notes and blogs.  And, yes, I get to have the other family over for dinner tonight.  (last week I had the other family over) I sure will miss Facebook while I am taking a break, and I guess I need to decide if the Pros outweigh the Cons.  Sometimes you can get hurt, by people's words. BUT, then again, I have been hurt numerous times by people IN PERSON, too! So, it boils down to people will be people--Facebook or not! At this point, I need to decide if I like being vulnerable to words of hurt by friends AND family.   

I have been misunderstood so many times on Facebook. People assuming that my husband is not taking care of us. People thinking that if I get a haircut, or a pedicure, or an eyebrow wax that somehow I am a bad with finances. Some stuff I do not post on Facebook, only because it can be taken wrong. Some things I am shocked to hear about later.   The list goes on and on.....BUT is that MY problem or theirs? 

I have taken a break from Facebook to answer all of these questions, for myself. I do not use Facebook to just be nosey about people's lives.  I will miss it.  AND I am sure I won't be gone long.  Although we make jokes about peoples shoes, what store they go to, what they had for lunch....I personally, like it.  I get to know the person by what the like, do, and say.  When you rant about the cinnamon roll you are eating, I KNOW that I want to make you one. WHEN you post pictures of cupcakes, well, that's a clue into what YOU like.   I know so many people have negative things to say about Facebook, but I tend to love it.  AND, no, I don't play games. I use it a socialization tool; I really do connect with people. AND I do learn who my friends are, because even family can't always help you when you move out of town, but you know which ones would if they could.  I have about 200 friends, at least half are family....and most of them say nothing to me.  I would say that the "friends" on my list really are my friends. Right, guys?  

I have had e-mails from a few people already today, and I feel loved. AND I know I will be missed.  My Swagbucks and my Blog Posts will still come through which means you will all be thinking about me. LOVE YOU!!  Thanks to my friends who make me THANKFUL for FACEBOOK!!!


Leona said...

VERY WELL SAID! I will miss you on FB.... I will STILL find you :)

Sheri said...

Will miss you on Facebook Serena but I understand. Will continue to follow your blog and will now just email you. lol

Lady Dorothy said...

Believe it or not, I'm thankful for Facebook, too. :-)