Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Giving Thanks - Day Nine

Cherish is what we do when we place the highest value on someone or something. Whatever we truly cherish, we put above everything else. Other things and people may be very important, but not as important as what we cherish. This is why women feel unloved by men who spend their time, money, thoughts and energy on other things. This also explains why giving a woman gifts moves her heart. It’s not because she is greedy and materialistic, but because a thoughtful, sacrificial gift demonstrates a man’s priorities. We think frequently of what we cherish, which is why a wife usually loves to receive unexpected notes and phone calls, (Woe to the man who does not make the expected phone call!) We protect what we cherish. We boast about what we cherish.

Did I mention that I finally have a husband who cherishes me?  Have I mentioned that he DOES call me unexpectedly, that he has gone out of his way to get me a treat from the store? 

I am so blessed, and I am grateful that the long road did not end with settling for less than God's best. I have an amazing husband. 

Just this past weeked we had really counted on going to the Denver Zoo for a "free day", and Josh had to make the tough decision that made us all sad.  BUT it is truely something he has never done before. Oh, not the make us sad part, but the part that made him think ahead to our finances. He counted the cost. AND then said, "No!"  See, Josh, rarely says NO to me about things I plan that are "free!"  Being that the landscape season in Colorado is over, well, that means less income.  Thinking ahead means not spending the gas money set aside for this week on a trip to the zoo.  We will have our fun trip to the zoo, just not now.  I respect Josh for making a decision that shows he cares for our family.  Having a wise husband only makes me more in love with him, even if I am a little sad that we didn't get to go.


Lady Dorothy said...

Wise man, good husband, and a bit cute, too!