Saturday, November 6, 2010

Giving Thanks - Day Six

I am so thankful for good deals!!!  I have been getting some amazing deals lately.  Josh and I enjoy coffee most mornings, and we happen to like CoffeeMate Creamer, and in my research I found a GREAT coupon.  I got creamer for 20 cents.  Follow the link, and you can, too! 

Abishai will be needing sneakers, soon enough, and I always like to look for deals BEFORE the emergency arises.  I got some Reeboks for him.....priced at $15.  This is a fantastic deal for boy's shoes, and name brand??  Well, I got a deal for signing up when I did, and I only ended up paying $5.95.  Thank you, Jesus!!
The website is RueLaLa, and some things are EXTREMELY high-priced, but if you wait for a good deal, well, you can get one.

Swagbucks, too!  I have made almost $35 from just doing my regular searches, and I love making money for doing what I normally do....who doesn't?  Anyway, I am thinking I might just earn enough to buy the family Christmas present.  We have decided that we will NOT be buying presents this year.  We have decided to buy a Wii game to play on Christmas (and beyond). 

Being thankful for a good deal has only seemed to bring MORE deals.  BRING IT ON!!

Search & Win


Lady Dorothy said...

This is definitely one of your gifts! Good job!