Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giving Thanks - Day Three

Mouse Traps and Plastic Containers......yes, you read that right. I am SO thankful for these things, as my mind is at ease.  I know that if I keep things as clean as I can my food will be safe, and if I keep my traps checked and in place--eventually I will catch them ALL!!!  Hehe.  Yes, ALL!!! Did you hear the sinister laugh? 

The official count in ONE MONTH is TEN!! Yes, that's right...10!!!  I am winning!!! Apparently, the mice did NOT bother the last tenant, as the landlord had NO IDEA the house had mice.
It's really nice that the Family Dollar sells these packages for $1.00. Oh, and I say the price, because if you have been to one of these stores---everything is NOT $1.00.  I think it's that you PAY with dollars?  Yes, that's what it MUST be.


Lady Dorothy said...

Sure makes for neat and tidy cupboards!