Friday, November 19, 2010

Giving Thanks - Day Nineteen

I am so thankful for Josh's group of guy friends.....a few of them were extremely influential to Josh's RECOVERY and restoration back home.  They are a band of brothers, helping each other during those difficult days, months, seasons, and sometimes MOMENTS.  ONE in particular seems to do a lot more checking up on him......thanks, Dan! You are a true friend to Josh, and I am thrilled he has a Godly man continually watching his back.  AND you are always good for a laugh.

AND I have received a DOUBLE portion blessing, because your wife is AMAZING!  Every couple knows that a relationship is so much better when BOTH spouses get along.  Thank you for coming to our vow renewal and investing more time into our lives. We will never forget it.  


Lady Dorothy said...

Good friends, indeed!