Sunday, September 14, 2008

Being Like Daddy

Waiting in the truck for Mommy to cut his hair!

My husband, Josh, has had his head shaved for years. Abishai, especially, feels that having his head shaved now gives him the "right" to play the Daddy whenever the kids pretend they are a family.

He really did like it, even though he looks unhappy.

Ezekiel is just extremely proud to have his head shaved, because he "talked" Daddy into it, since Mommy thought he was too young. He feels extra old now.

He could not stop laughing......

As it grows back in, I almost miss their excitement when seeing themselves in the mirror or the giggles everytime I would touch their heads. Life is so much fun with kids, when we discover and play with new things. AND not make a big deal about the things that don't matter. Their bald heads will soon go away, but the memories of that moment will last.

Still laughing


Lady Dorothy said...

He's too funny! I wish I could see that on video!