Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free the Leash Kiddies~Part 1

Thanks, Amy !!

Don't put your kids on leashes.

I hate that. Picture this (a few things changed from a REAL story) : Some parent comes from around a corner, lagging behind a small girl, possibly 2-3 years old, on one of those harness leashes. She goes right up to a couple of children at a park, but one strong jerk of the leash, and she was forced to heel to her master. The parent then became consumed in conversation with someone else who was leaving the park. Because the child was on this leash, she ended up entangling the other children as they tried to reach the playground. After a few frustrated attempts at restraining her wanderings (which consisted of sharp jerks on the harness), the exasperated parent picked the girl up by the leash, where she hung in mid-air like on a stage harness. I doubt she is in any pain, but once she realized that she was restrained in mid-air, she began to squeal in frustration. After a few moments of this, the bus-load of kids were now playing at the park, and satisfied that the traffic had slimmed down, she put her back on the sidewalk, where she sat and clawed at the grass between the crack in the sidewalk with her fingers. After a while, she got up, and then got her neck entangled, which made her whine some more. The parent gave an exasperated sigh, and proceeded to angrily untwist the toddler until she was free to roam the circumference of her tether. Finally, the parent realized that the distraction of the toddler jerking at the leash was too much, told her friend they could meet later, and the parent passed, with the toddler anxiously tugging forward like a dog on the chase.

Sarcastically, of course, I used to have a dog like that, but she gained her own independence and sense of self-worth, so I had to put a shock collar on her. She's dead now.

Dogs have leashes. Horses need to be restrained because they don't know better. I guess you could say the same of toddlers. But toddlers evolve into thinking human beings. Leashes are a strong physical restraint from master to servant. They are appropriate on animals. (only some, see cat post)

"But he's so active!" I have heard from parents. "It's a safety harness, to prevent kidnapping," say some others. It really is just a crude, cheap tool used for restraint. For those who have those excuses I have two words for you: Hold hands.

I can argue now....I have four kids! "I don't have four hands?" I know! I know! TEACH them to HOLD EACH OTHERS know how mommy ducks stay all in a row?? Make the child who is the MOST squirmy hold your hands. I may look like a "sight," but I don't have a leash. AND since I started writing this I have NEVER seen a mom walking her four kids???? Now, THAT would be a sight!!

I take it back..........I guess you just add a few more tethers! UGH!!

"He's hyperactive, that won't work!" I have seen many parents with children who have an excessive amount of energy, even diagnosed by doctors. But I have never seen their children put on a leash or tied to a hitching post. Okay, you don't want to hold a little sweaty hand that has been God-knows-where. I get it! "If I hold hands, they pull away", you say........

TO BE CONTINUED...........


Kristi said...

I totally agree with you about these leashes! I hate these things.

amy k* said...


Leashes are for animals (not ALL! i.e. cats...) NOT FOR PEOPLE!!!

I'm loving your blog!