Saturday, September 6, 2008


I enjoy fishing, a lot! I have the best memories of fishing here in Colorado. I hope that we can catch some fish, so that the kids will have fun, too! When Papa came for a short visit this past week we decided to spend the afternoon fishing. It was a relaxing day.

Ezekiel was definitely the cutest. I kept HAVING to tell him to stay OUT of the grass, but it didn't stop him from enjoying every minute of our fishing trip. We don't have fishing poles for all of the kids, which I am fine with that arrangement. The kids scare me with their hooks. Anyway, ZQ (Ezekiel) found a stick and started putting some bait on it. Once I realized what he was doing I put some string and a bobber on it. He did a great job "fishing!" He would have done even better if Jael had not continued to remind him that he had no hook, and you can't catch fish without a hook. It was a great day!


Lady Dorothy said...


He looks adorable! Bald head and all!