Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ezekiel Savage

The Lord's strength is WILD (Ezekiel Savage)........we knew when we gave him this name we were in for having some rides. AND Daddy wants to make sure we don't let him stay afraid to do things.

Many of you may remember that ZQ's first bike ride when we moved to Colorado was a disaster. It was right before Easter, and our Easter pictures have proof of his daring behavior.

ZQ had never ridden his bike on a slanted driveway. SO, it ended in disaster......

As he went down the slanted driveway he hit Daddy's TRUCK door. He was a little hesitant today, but Mommy was MORE hesitant. Daddy INSISTED, and I agreed. AS LONG AS DADDY WOULD CATCH HIM!!!

It was a JOY to watch.

Sorry the video is sideways.

My first blog video; I will remember that, but it was too good not to show.


Lady Dorothy said...

Such joy from him, too!

I think he's a little big for the "bike"! :-)

Joshswife said...

I know! It's his birthday soon. Hint, Hint! :-)

Emily said...

What kind of a "bike" are you wanting for him?

I like WALMART'S purchase online but pick-up-at-the-store plan!


Joshswife said...

I don't have any idea. I just meant if you thought his "bike" was too small......


Joshswife said...

Josh says NO MORE BIKES!!! LOL!!

Titi & Diego said...

Diego wanted to watch it over and over, with his head tilted to the left. Diego, "Turn it back side like this now..." :-)

ZQ is soooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!

Aubrey said...

Poor little guy! But so brave to get back on. Good thinking on dad's part to get him back on.

Your kids have wonderful names! We knew with ours, we wanted to have something that stood out too!