Monday, September 8, 2008

The Whole Armor

Put on the WHOLE armor

Ephesians 6

When a boxer (fighter) is trained he is told that their are risks to fighting. I can imagine they are also told that they could get hurt or experience pain. I man is trained how to protect himself. I am sure he is even told to wear a cup; I doubt he has to be reminded to put it one--because it is valuable to him not to get "hit where it counts!" Now, every time he fights does he get hit there? Nope! But do you think he is going to risk not putting it on? I can even imagine his coach is not going to remind him every time, because he figures he has been told enough and it’s seems logical to remember the consequence of forgetting. Ask any man if he wants to get hit there. IF he is going to be in a situation where the chances are likely; he’s probably going to instinctively want protection.

When my kids go out in the snow or cold winter air, I remind them to get a coat. Sometimes it might not be cold enough to even wear the coat. When we leave our house in the afternoon and we aren’t coming back until dark we should know from experience that it will most likely be colder. At some point, I will stop reminding them it’s cold outside. Already, Jael and Abishai will remind ZQ to get his coat. I have told them over and over again.

God’s given us protection, too! (From the cold, from the pain, from the hurts, from the blows) Can He protect us without it, of course! Does His mercy provide protection? Of course! BUT are we not putting on the armor because we are counting on Him to do His part without us doing ours? At some point as a parent He is going to let us have our lesson, too. How hard does it have to be for us to learn? If we have had some battles and still forget our armor.....I am wondering if one too many battles without a helmet has caused the insanity.

Ask God to remove the temporary insanity and get YOUR helmet on!! We have to stop thinking our muscles are strong enough to withstand any fight. They might be strong in some areas, but you don’t know until it’s too late that you forgot something. Don’t get knocked out one-time when you should have just had your armor.

A police officer can still get shot even with armor on--sometimes he might even have blood, most often a bruise. The armor protected the most important part. With a shot in the bullet proof armor the wind might even get knocked out of him. Going into battle doesn’t mean we won’t get hurt or bruised, or get the wind knocked out of us, but life is a fight. Without armor, we run the risk of death. How simple to just do what makes sense? We should get to the point where we instinctively put our armor on EVERY DAY!

Let’s say we never need it or use it--tell THAT to the person who’s life was saved by it! Don’t risk coming that close to death to appreciate your God-given protection.

As I have said before--we have to know our opponent. He is sneaking around seeing WHO he can devour easiest. Don’t let it be you!