Thursday, February 25, 2010

Story of Hope and Restoration--Part 24

Buying Josh's birthday present, yes, I was his wife, right?  This brought on some odd feelings, part of me wanted to be sarcastic and then God brought me back to being kind and loving.

We (the whole family) received a text from Josh inviting us to Chili's for his birthday dinner.  Yikes! We all had no idea what to do. Dad refused to go. Mom didn't really want to go but she was thinking maybe she should.  The kids, of course, would go.  It was extremely hard for me because this was Josh's 30th birthday. He had been really struggling with turning 30, so I was planning a fun get-together before he left.  Mom and I both sat on the phone and cryed.  I did what I always do, and I helped people decide what to get him for his birthday.  AND I convinced Dad to go, for me!

Josh got very angry because no one responded to his text. His other friends responded quickly.  Well, yes, who doesn't need a good excuse to go drinking?  It had nothing to do with being his birthday it had to do with the life of GOING OUT!!  They didn't love him?  They didn't cry over the loss? He had not hurt them?  This made everyone else mad, too!  He whined about needing to make reservations. You can't make reservations at Chili's?  I cried for the lost boy! He had no idea what damage he had done.  He talked with me about going, and I decided I just could not. I could not go celebrate his birthday and then watch him go out with another woman in the evening.  He begged me for the "children's sake!"  I figured they would be perfectly fine.  OR at least fine enough. He said he felt rude leaving me behind.  Well, hey?!


amy k* said...

BTW: you're my hero....really.