Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Story of Hope and Restoration--Part 9

I hope you don't mind how long this is getting, but I really need to get it all down for the sake of writing a book someday. You know?

I had decided that my children really needed to be on the same page as me. We would pray for Daddy together. We needed to be in this battle together.

Prayers of my children, early on:

Abishai:  God, please hold Daddy's hand real tight.
Jael: she repented for her Daddy at the Feast of Trumpets, throwing a rock into the ocean. (so that his sins would be forgiven) 

Many times they had their ups and downs, too! I continually had to keep them focused.  At one point, Abishai said he didn't love Daddy anymore because he was running from God.  We had to talk about the fact that he DOES love Daddy.

Jael was in shock that when you run from believe in Him less. How could anyone do that?
It bothered her as time went on that Daddy stopped blessing her in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

She often asked why Daddy was creating a whole new family of people, all running from God.  She knew nothing of his relationship, so this was all what she was feeling. Questions of Christmas, Thanksgiving, the baby's birth, and her birthday were frequently asked....wondering if he would be back!!

How did I protect their hearts? I had no idea!!!


Bonnie said...

Hi! I've been following the story. I commend you for sharing this powerful testimony. God showed me a long time ago that the great things He does in our lives are definately not meant for us alone. My plan was to comment once you were finished, but something came to mind.

There have been times that my children have also hurted because of the actions of a loved one. This would tear my heart apart! I can recall crying out to the Lord in prayer feeling so mad about what their precious hearts were experiencing and shouldn't have been. The Lord's response to me was this:
He said, "I never promised you that your children would never hurt. Much like you've encountered experiences in your own life that seemed unjust, I always use them to make my children better, to grow their faith and to structure their character."

That changed my whole outlook. It made so much sense. Not only does God do the wonderous miracles in marriages and families, He's establishing Himself within our little ones in the process. It's difficult to let that happen sometimes, but that's what it is to truly surrender our children to Him. We can trust Him.

Anyway, looking forward to your return and the rest of the story!


Mrs. and Mama K said...

my heart goes out to you! what a crazy time to go through! i hope i can grow closer to God without needing my world to fall apart. way to hang in and fight, girl!!

btw - don't worry about's all being read and blessing!