Saturday, February 27, 2010

Story of Hope and Restoration--Part 26

His birthday had arrived. I wasn't about to let Satan take away something that had been mine for 8 years. So, I got up early to  text him! I said, "Happy Birthday."  Yes, HAPPY....I prayed that God would give him a NEW BIRTH!!  He texted back to ask me if the house was getting colder? And if he needed to stop by to get me some firewood chopped?  Hmmm...another excuse to come home? It was raining, so he wasn't working. Those days were extra hard, as they were our funnest days. We got Josh all to ourselves.  Abishai had a hard time with it, because he woke up so excited. Daddy was going to have the day off?  Sometimes Abishai, being only 3, got confused.  Maybe Daddy was just working this whole time? 

I cried a lot while the kids were gone. Josh thanked me for allowing them to go, that's so wrong. You should never have to thank your children for coming to your party. 

Josh got a designated driver for his 30th birthday. I am sure he was drunk even before he left to go party.  I heard from people who happened to be at the bar as well, that he was stumbling around like an idiot.  I just prayed that God would protect his life.

I was also very grateful that I was not having the baby, because it put a whole new spin on what I would do if he showed up drunk?  Would I still let him in? 

Lord, give Josh a new heart. Make nothing bring satisfaction to him but You.  Help him to realize only You can bring him what he needs. Break the spirit of pride and release humility.  Lord, dissolve his hatred for You, Lord. Help him to realize it's not about Your hand but Your face.  You bring peace to a life, if nothing else. Josh needs to not feel that life revolves around the things You do for us, everything should bring glory and honor to You. I call Josh out of darkness and into light. The blinders need to be removed from his eyes, and his ears unplugged. All "pleasures" I command you to be empty and unfulfilling. Josh, come to your senses. Lord, only You can bring my husband home. Thank You for Your promises to me.