Monday, February 8, 2010

Story of Hope and Restoration--Part 7

Something I wrote for Josh when he was gone....I purposed to call him WHO he was, not WHO he was acting like. 

Josh is my perfect husband.
Josh is faithful to me.
Josh is a mighty warrior man of God, that God created.
He will NOT miss his destiny in God.
He is serving with all of his health and strength.
He is fulfilling the promise and potential God planted inside him before he was born.
He is the perfect father to his children--the way God designed.
He is a faithful man of God, faithful to his family and his calling.
Josh is humble.
Josh is the righteousness of God.
Josh is a broken, repentant man.
He feels God's love and mercy like never before.

I am happy to say he IS that man today, but he was not!!! I asked God not to bring him condemnation but to bring conviction to his heart.  I knew we would come out bigger, better, and stronger than before. 

Many nights I would awaken scared for Josh's life.  It would lead me to pray; I didn't want him to miss out on anything God had for him.  It still wasn't over, was it?